Later Pictures

Two weeks post-op

This one is 16 days after the surgery. It's a little hard to even see the portion in front of my ear, it is so tight to it. It's a little tough to see even on the big photo, other than a tiny scab at the site of the topmost suture. For those that have looked here before, I don't have the automagic little line that appears when you mouseover the picture any more - sorry.

One Year Later

This picture is from January 9, 2005 nearly 14 months after the surgery. There is still some redness around the scar area, but I wasn't really diligent about sunscreen and that might have something to do with it. It really looks pretty good though. In the photo, you can't really see it, but the lower part of the scar runs right into a natural fold in my skin, so as I turn my head it is even less noticeable.

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