Boy, I don't even know where to start now that it's been five years.  First, I guess I have to report that I have had no issues at all with any sort of recurrence or any significant side effects.  You can see the one year later photo here - I'll try to remember to take a five year photo soon.

I think that the last time I wrote, I described the numbness - wooden ear - that I had in the weeks after surgery.  Well, that went away pretty quickly (a couple of months as I remember) and today I have no numbness at all. Well to be honest, if I really poke around directly in front of my ear I can find a very tiny spot that is numb, but I really never notice it at all.

I also have not experienced Frey's Syndrome (sweating) due to the procedure.

I have no pain or any facial nerve issues and other than the occasional reminder from emails from visitors to the site (welcomed by the way), I never really think about the surgery or tumor at all.

I guess I'm happy to report that my surgery was wildly successful and that I have fully recovered without any lingering side effects.  Although that might make this site a little boring, I think it's important that people are able to read about a complete success (which I think is the great majority), since it may be a bit scary hearing about all the possible complications.

I hope that all who are reading this will be as fortunate as I am.